Store Locator Redesign

Below is a screenshot of our store locator that was live from late 2011 to July 2015. If you look closely, you'll realize that the left hand column lists Mississippi before Louisiana. Thus, you could conclude that it's not in alphabetical order. You might struggle to determine any order, but if you inspect it even closer you'll notice they are listed in numeric order by store number rather. This was just one of the many complaints made about our store locator page collected via Foresee surveys.


Competitive Analysis

Given the extremely poor score of our store locator, we decided it would be best to start from scratch. I evaluated a number of variables on other store locators, including what maps API they were using, as well as what information was included and how a user might interact with the page.

After evaluating a number of store locators, we created a scorecard to come up with a few that were deemed to be best in class. I published a set of user tests on to evaluate these best in class store locators and determine which features were most favorable with the Academy customer.

Guerilla User Testing

Using the knowledge collected in the research phase, I mocked up a design and coded out a low fidelity prototype to receive further validation on the direction we were headed. I brought the prototype into stores and invited select customers to test it out.

Through the iterative research and testing conducted we were able to evolve our store locator concept into something closely aligned to what we believe our customers desire.